Use These Net Zero Tools to Meet Your Carbon Footprint Targets

Last updated: May, 2023

Use These Net Zero Tools to Meet Your Carbon Footprint Targets

Do you want your business to help fight climate change?

Then, addressing your emissions is a necessity.

But how can you effectively meet your goals and stay on top of your carbon footprint?

That’s where your tool stack comes in…

The right platforms can guide your business’s journey and make the transition simple – yet effective.

From tracking emissions across your supply chain to employee engagement, these net zero tools are key to achieving sustainability goals and helping your business reap the benefits of going green.


Why Go Net Zero


Adopting a net zero strategy is environmentally responsible and makes good business sense.

It’s also necessary.

If you want to stop the Earth from getting warmer, you need to play a role in reducing your emissions by 2030.

Here are some of the business benefits you can expect during your net zero journey:

Talent Retention: Sustainable companies attract and retain top talent. 61% of workers will look at your sustainability credentials when deciding to accept a role from a company.

Financial Incentives: Adopting sustainable practices saves your business money. You’re improving efficiency, freeing resources, reducing costs, and attracting green investments.

Risk Mitigation: By reducing your carbon footprint, you’re mitigating regulatory and environmental risks. Look at Tesla. The company is avoiding the sustainability issues that come with fuel.

Growth: Positioning your company as a sustainable brand helps you attract new customers, especially the younger generation. 63% of Gen Z are willing to pay more for sustainable products, and 91% will switch to a brand that supports a good cause.


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The Best Net Zero Solutions for Businesses

These are some of the best tools and platforms to add to your strategy to aid in your transition to net zero.


1. Emissions Sentri: Employee Engagement and Education

One of the biggest hurdles standing in your way of achieving net zero?

Your employees.

Without a sustainably driven team, you’ll struggle to achieve all your goals even if you switch to smart technology and change to eco-friendly suppliers.

Your workforce is central to championing sustainable practices, so engaging your employees is crucial.

Emissions Sentri helps you drive behavioral change at scale with awareness training certifications and AI recommendations to engage employees in emissions reduction activities.

Your organization’s progress is tracked and delivered on multiple channels, making your sustainability goals tangible and showing the impact of your collective actions.


2. Ecohedge: Carbon Accounting Platform


EcoHedge offers carbon accounting software to help you measure and report your emissions, making engaging with your sustainability goals easier.

But what is carbon accounting? It’s the process of tracking and managing greenhouse emissions from your business activities. Think of it like a financial balance sheet but for your CO2 footprint.

Once you connect your bookkeeping system to EcoHedge, it looks at your Scope 1, 2, and 3 data and automatically adds everything to your carbon report.

And instead of taking days to find and analyze all the critical information, EcoHedge gives you carbon clarity in minutes.

One thing to note is that EcoHedge only serves SMEs. If your business setup is more advanced or you have a complex supply chain, Emitwise and Normative are excellent carbon accounting tool options.


3. Enel X: Optimize Energy Use


Enel X is the strategic energy partner your business needs to make smarter energy choices. 

The company offers a suite of solutions to help you achieve net zero emissions by rethinking how you create, store, and manage electricity.

For example, you can:

  • Produce, store, and dispatch renewable solar energy to lower energy costs and meet sustainability goals.
  • Store energy with battery systems at your facility.
  • Participate in demand response, where you can help the grid at times of peak demand and get paid for it. 

4. BlackRock: Sustainable Investment Platform


BlackRock helps you align your investment strategies with net-zero goals.

The platform is all about offering you choices to meet your sustainability goals. It has a wide range of index, active, and whole portfolio solutions across markets, regions, and investment styles.

You can also use the product screener tool to find funds that match your sustainable investing goals.

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Charting a Sustainable Future


Achieving net zero is possible, but it takes work. You need a blend of strategic insight, technological innovation, and collective action to drive behavioral change and make greener business decisions.

By leveraging a tool like Emissions Sentri, you can take the first step in aligning your business strategy to consumer expectations while taking action to address climate change.

Drive Emissions Reduction through Employee Engagement

Engage with your employees on your emissions reduction commitment and progress through multi-channel insights, awareness training, intelligent recommendations using Generative AI and more.