Engage your Employees on Emissions Reduction at Scale

Drive behavioral change with insights, awareness training and Generative AI recommendations
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Drive Behavioral Change and Accelerate Towards Net-Zero


On organizations commitment and progress towards emissions reduction delivered across mutliple channels to maximize reach and engagement


Upskill your employees and raise awareness on emissions reduction with training modules and shareable certificates


Provide intelligent recommendations to your employees on how they can contribute to your emissions reduction plan

Bring visibility to your commitment and progress across the organization

Engage with your employees with insights delivered across your digital eco-system on your organization commitment and progress toward emissions reduction

Integrate your emissions data and emissions reduction plan

Connect your emissions data to the platform and any plans you may already have. Whether you have it in spreadsheets, reports, database or others.

Engage your employees across multiple channels

Maximizing reach and engagement with insights delivered across your digital eco-system. From Microsoft Teams to monthly reports delivered via e-mail and other channels.

Generative AI recommendations

Leverage the power of Generative AI to provide intelligent recommendations to your employees on how they can support on emissions reduction.

Democratize emissions reduction actions

Provide your organization the ability to create and monitor actions to reduce emissions.

Awareness training and certifications

Upskill your employees with awareness training to elevate the organization commitment and drive towards emissions reduction.


Most frequent questions and answers

Behavioral change in organizations can accelerate emissions reduction and contribute up to 30% toward your goal, according to studies. In addition, more than 76% of surveyed employees stated that they would prefer to work for companies with a clear commitment to emissions reduction.

The platform supports organizations in engaging with their employees through a suite of modules, including training and awareness. It delivers insights through multiple channels on the organization’s commitment to emissions reduction and progress. It also provides intelligent recommendations on how employees can contribute to emissions reduction, leveraging Generative AI and more.

The platform is available in the Office 365 and Azure marketplaces and can be directly purchased through your existing agreement with Microsoft.

Emission Sentri is an enterprise platform with an annual subscription. Learn more on Microsoft AppSource here.

The platform does not collect any personal data from employees (e.g., emails, interactions, usage). It integrates with organizations’ existing emissions data sources and supplements demographics if provided, to deliver personalized recommendations. For more information, visit the privacy policy section of the website.

No. The platform does not share any data with public LLMs providers (e.g. ChatGPT) to generate insights. We combine our proprietary data for emissions with the power of public LLMs to provide insights to your employees.

Drive Emissions Reduction through Employee Engagement

Engage your employees in your emissions reduction commitment and progress through multi-channel insights, awareness training, intelligent recommendations using Generative AI, and more.​