Private Sector's Pivotal Role in Emissions Reduction

Last updated: May, 2023


Addressing the pressing issue of climate change necessitates a concerted effort from both the public and private sectors. One critical aspect of this effort is data – the key to driving impactful actions aimed at reducing global warming. An encouraging trend shows an increasing number of companies worldwide actively committing to emissions reduction and providing comprehensive data on their climate impact and actions. As per the CDP, nearly 25,000 companies have taken the pledge to address their environmental footprint.

Private Sector's Commitment in Numbers

In 2022, more than 80% of companies in the S&P 500 index have taken the initiative to establish clear targets and are actively seeking ways to measure and manage their climate impact and emissions reduction. These companies are adopting science-based approaches to ensure their efforts are effective and in line with the global climate goals.

Sectors Leading the Way

Some sectors have emerged as frontrunners in this collective endeavor. The aviation and shipping sectors, along with the industry sector, are setting an exemplary standard, with almost 66% of companies disclosing targets residing in these sectors followed by the power and heat sector.

Disclosed direct emissions under board level oversight

Regional Insights

Looking at this commitment from a regional perspective, Hong Kong and South Africa have been leading the charge when it comes to disclosing their emissions. Countries within the G7 and European Union are also actively participating, showing a strong commitment to emissions disclosure.

Corporate direct GHG emissions disclosure per country

A Positive Start, but Challenges Remain

While the increasing number of companies disclosing and committing to emissions reduction is a promising sign of active private sector involvement, it's essential to remain aware of the larger context. Existing companies, even with their commendable efforts, account far less than 20% of global emissions. This statistic reminds us that there is still much work to be done.

The Path Forward

The private sector's commitment to emissions reduction is a vital step towards a sustainable and environmentally conscious future. It's crucial for governments, organizations, and individuals to continue supporting and encouraging this commitment. Collaborative efforts that combine public and private sector initiatives will be the key to driving meaningful change.


Companies around the world are taking responsibility for their climate impact, demonstrating that they understand the urgency of the situation. While progress is being made, it's essential to bring onboard more commitment from public and private sector to accelerate towards global targets.

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